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Wood Therapy


Wood therapy is used to break down fat and cellulite using  a variety of wooden massage-like tools. 

The wooden tools are used to put direct pressure on "problem areas" and get rid of extra body fat in a natural way. 

Wood therapy as we know it today is based on an old Oriental way of working with wood that dates back hundreds of years. 



What are some benefits of wood therapy? 

Wood therapy has a lot of benefits!  

Wood therapy is a great way to relax and relieve stress, but it can also help with: 


  • Getting rid of cellulite and getting rid of fat 

  • Getting rid of toxins in your body in a natural way 

  • Speeding up your metabolism 

  • Increasing blood flow and getting rid of lymph fluid 




Is wood therapy safe? 

Wood therapy is safe if performed by a trained specialist. 



Is Wood Therapy Painful? 

For some, it can be uncomfortable. Usually after 2 sessions, clients feel more comfort during the procedure.


How long until I start seeing Results? 

You will likely see a change after the first treatment. 

But between the third and fifth treatment, most people start to really notice the effects. 



How long do the results last? 

Wood therapy works best when it's done over time, like how regular massage therapy does. 

The results will be more noticeable and last longer the more often you do it. 

The effects, on the other hand, usually last for about three months after your last session.

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