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Lipo-Cavitation (Ultrasonic Cavitation)

What is ultrasonic cavitation and how does it work?

Ultrasonic Cavitation is a treatment that uses ultrasonic vibrations to break down fat cells and initiate them into the lymphatic system. The handpiece used also helps shape your target areas by "chiseling" and breaking down tissue to give you a slimmer appearance. through a non-invasive procedure that carries none of the risks associated with liposuction or fat transfer


This procedure uses ultrasonic sound waves to apply pressure to fat cells. The pressure is high enough to cause fat cells to degrade into liquid. The body can then eliminate it as waste via urine. The broken-down fat cells are excreted as waste by the liver. This treatment method can be used in conjunction with other weight loss programs to assist in the removal of excess fat. It is a preferred method of eliminating body fat over other invasive procedures. 


What happens to the fat cells?

The fat is excreted as waste by the liver. 



What are the best body parts to use ultrasonic cavitation on?

Cavitation works best on areas of concentrated fat. Upper arms, thighs, abdomen, hips, and buttocks are examples of such areas. It cannot be used on bony areas like the head or neck.



Can ultrasound cavitation help me lose weight?

Ultrasonic cavitation is not a weight loss technique. It is intended to reshape the body and remove cellulite or localized fat. It is not intended to replace weight loss programs or regular exercise.



How many treatments am I allowed to have?

At least six cavitation sessions are recommended. Treatments must be spaced at least 72 hours apart to prevent the cells from reabsorbing the fat. The service is personalized for each client. Most treatments, on the other hand, last between 45 and 75 minutes. Several areas of the body can be treated in a single session.



How long will it be before I see results?

Most people will notice a difference in their measurements after the first treatment! Fat removal continues for up to one week after treatment, so it may decrease further a few days later. Please keep in mind that results may vary due to differences in metabolism.



Is the procedure uncomfortable?

The treatment is painless except for a slight heat sensation or tingling.

Is the ultrasonic cavitation FDA approved?

Yes! The FDA has approved ultrasonic cavitation.



Is it necessary to take time off after the treatment?

No! You can resume your normal routine immediately. To help with fat removal, we recommend increasing your water intake to two liters (about six or eight cups) per day.



Are there any unintended consequences?

There may be some redness in the target areas.



Is there an age requirement for treatment?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years old to try Ultrasonic Cavitation.



Who is the ideal ultrasonic cavitation candidate?

The patient should be fit and healthy in general, and should be within 10-15% of their ideal weight.



Is ultrasonic cavitation appropriate for everyone?

There are some risks associated with using cavitation devices to treat localized fat. Ultrasonic cavitation is not recommended for people who have a heart condition, kidney failure, or liver failure. It is not for pregnant women, and you must wait at least three months after childbirth or at least six months after a C section. If you want to try ultrasonic cavitation after childbirth, you should first get permission from your doctor.

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