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Gabriella U.

The owner is wonderful!!!! I got the slim waist package and lost almost 3 inches around my waist in a week!!!!

Lade M.

I'm one of those people who wasn't blessed with thick brows that you can manipulate to your liking. You could probably count the hairs on my face. I went in for microblading and walked out a completely different person. It's been over 4 weeks, and I am amazed at the brows that now exist on my face lol. It's a great thing to not have to spend time doing my brows every morning now. I just got my touch up and I am so pleased! I ended up starting a body contouring package as well. Lost about an inch and a half in my midsection in 1 session. I am excited to see the results over the next few weeks. 10/10 service, ambiance and results.

Cynthia O.

I had the best experience ever. Especially that I went to several people before to get this done and saw no results. I've had three babies all under seven. So getting my body back has been a mission to help my confidence. Kay is a genius. She brought my confidence back and made me love wearing clothes again. It's something about her technique. I was contemplating on whether I should go and do liposuction or not. But after seeing many friends meeting second and third rounds after a year discourage me because the amount of money I would pay is ridiculous. In doing the slim package with her oh my goodness now all my friends are going to her. I'm so happy because I save so much money and it was better than going under the knife! Kay, you have a lifetime client here!

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