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Body Contouring in Alpharetta,

Are you unhappy with your silhouette and ready to love the shape of your body?

Welcome to Alpharetta's state-of-the-art medical spa. Book your free body contouring consultation today to learn more.

Try our proven body contouring treatments at The Beauty Spot

Have you tried everything to transform the shape of your body without seeing the results you desire? Body contouring at The Beauty Spot in Alpharetta is the high-tech answer you've been waiting for! And it really works. You can contour your entire body. Great for…

Stomach                                                    Thighs                                                      Arms


Back                                                           Love Handles                                         Buttocks

Why choose our body contouring treatments?

Eliminates excess fat and cellulite ​
Safely contours and tightens the body 
Reduces circumference of the body 
Quick and essentially painless


Are you unhappy with the shape and/or size of your body? 

Even with a strict diet and regular exercise, getting the body you want can be difficult. 


Don't let cellulite, excess fat, or loose skin get in the way of having the body you've always wanted. The Beauty Spot 

 can assist you in achieving your health goals through body contouring and body sculpting. You'll look and feel like the person you've always wanted to be. 


Our circumference reduction and body contouring process sculpts your body by:


  • Destroying fat cells 

  • Reducing cellulite 

  • Promoting healthy blood circulation

  • Strengthening connective tissue

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The Beauty Spot offers non-invasive devices to clients looking for a more sculpted and contoured body.

Ultraslim 9 in 1 Cavitation Machine

This 9-in-1 machine offers the best and fastest treatments for fat-reduction. Including a  Lipo-cavitation's handle. Lip-cavitation treatment is faster and more effective than Coolsculpting. In 1 session, clients can lose up to 4 inches. This powerful machine uses radiofrequency to tighten skin, vacuum therapy to eliminate cellulite and Laser Lipolysis to shrink fat cells.

The Beauty Spot Standard

Our mission is to help change lives by offering effective and safe treatments. Our treatments are a safe alternative to surgery. The surgical route may seem appealing, but consider the 6-week downtime. Our services can give similar results in this time frame while avoiding the pain and downtime of surgery. The Beauty Spot standard is to always offer amazing services to every client.

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