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About The Beauty Spot


Body Contouring and Skin Tightening

Using cutting-edge radio frequency technology, the specialists at The Beauty Spot in Alpharetta, Georgia, are able to achieve non-invasive fat reduction, skin tightening, and body contouring. Our cutting-edge, FDA-approved NuEra Tight technology dramatically reduces fat cell volume and tightens skin by stimulating the body's own collagen and stem cells.

Excess fat and sagging skin, whether on the face or the body, can make a person look older than they actually are. A loss of skin firmness and elasticity can have multiple causes, including but not limited to heredity, aging, weight fluctuation, the environment, lifestyle choices, hormone changes, and illness. NuEra Tight can safely and effectively tighten and tone almost any part of the face or body, including the skin on the face, the abdominal muscles, the thighs, the buttocks, and even the love handles.

If you want to turn back the clock, restore youthful skin smoothness, and refine your natural body – all without surgery, pain, or downtime – make an appointment at The Beauty Spot today!

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